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The Hong Kong Security Association has recognised TeleEye’s RX538 as “Best Crime Preventive Product in 2015”

TeleEye RX538 Best Crime Preventive Product 2015 The TeleEye RX538 is designed for use in vehicles transporting high value materials such as cash. (Image source Eduard Bezembinder/Flickr)

The mobile digital video recorder (DVR) is designed for the safety and security of public and transit vehicles and fleet management, with particular regard to the vehicles transporting currency and other high value materials.

“These DVRs are installed across the fleet of transit vehicles and preventing unauthorised access to cash vaults because they can only be unlocked remotely from the head office via a switch function on the RX538, hence prohibiting any direct access by the drivers or third parties,” explained TeleEye engineering director Nevin Ho.

“In case of heist threats, drivers are able to send an alarm and seamless video from the RX538 to the central monitoring station,” Ho continued. “The RX538 operates on 3G/4G mobile network and where low latency and unreachable fixed networks are a concern, TeleEye SMAC-M allows real time monitoring and recording for the control room operators.”

This is the second consecutive year in which the hi-tech CCTV and digital surveillance specialists have won the Category Four, ‘Best Crime Preventive Product of the Year for Video Surveillance Products’ award for one of their products.