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Global wireless solutions firm Ramtech has announced a new partnership with the world’s leading security monitoring software provider, Immix. The collaboration is believed to enhance the technology offering of both firms

Ramtech WES systemRamtech’s WES system will integrate with the Immix CS/GF platforms enabling 24/7 security and fire risk monitoring across a range of industries through a single system. (Image Source: Ramtech)

Under the new agreement, Ramtech’s innovative WES wireless evacuation system will integrate with the Immix CS/GF platforms, enabling 24/7 security and fire risk monitoring across a range of industries through a single system. This combined integration will hence save time and enhance efficiency.

“Protecting properties, people and site assets has always been a top priority for Ramtech, pioneered by our wireless solution, WES,” said John Tyrer, sales director at Ramtech. “What this new partnership does is elevate further our ability to deliver real-time rapid response to site emergencies at the touch of a button, integrating site security with a range of building management systems,” he added. 

John further mentioned that the Immix integration alongside their remote management platform REACT would ensure that site and security managers now had an all-round monitoring solution, covering fire, medical and security alerts. Moreover, the 24/7 operation would help companies save on the huge expense associated with site damage across multiple service industries every year.

Jason Caldwell, marketing director at Immix said, “We’re pleased to be integrating the Ramtech WES solution into our market leading CS/GF platforms, which will enhance the scope and capability for safety managers to prevent site emergencies from one all-encompassing system.”

Certified to EN54-25 standards, with inbuilt smoke and heat detection systems, Ramtech’s WES and its upgraded offering, WES3 has been designed to replace the expensive inefficiencies often associated with on-foot patrols on vast construction sites.

John stated that technologies such as these would reduce the need for local evacuation and other associated fire plans during false alarm scenarios by mitigating the huge inefficiencies often associated with expensive call outs to fire departments.

US security business Mobile Video Guard is one firm that has experience utilising both the Ramtech WES and Immix platforms for more than two years. Company owner and founder, Shawn Scarlata said, “Over the years, Mobile Video Guard has been influenced and designed with the principle of technology reaching the areas where on-foot patrols can’t. While change across America can be slow in the uptake of fire safety technology, what you have here really is simplicity in security professionals' hands. I can’t recommend both companies highly enough and call on project managers across the construction industry and more to adopt the benefits afforded by wireless fire safety and security technology.”