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German-based solution provider for security applicationsLASE PeCo Systemtechnik GmbHhas commissioned a laser-based clearance test system for the detection of foreign objects on the landing fields at Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)

LASE PeCo SystemtechnikThe 3D laser technology will enable extensive airfield monitoring at Cologne Bonn Airport. (Image source: LASE PeCoSystemtechnik)

Lase PeCo has installed a product which meets the requirements and conditions of the Cologne Bonn Airport. The company noted that this airport is one of the biggest German hubs in the field of freight traffic and a laser-based object detection on the landing fields is needed due to the existing ban on night flights. According to Lase PeCo, Cologne-Bonn detours shall be avoided as well as a time saving of around 15 minutes can be achieved.

Using highly advanced laser technology an extensive airfield monitoring can be operated, which ensures reliable object detection. High system flexibility also enables an application to meet individual requirements and conditions.

Lase PeCo stated that the application is a system that is comprised of many hardware components, which involves a 3D laser scanner, CAN/Ethernet converter, industrial-PC, digital I/O-Module and a display for status information. The 3D laser scanner also has a scan range of up to 80 metres and by its high scan frequency of 20/40 Hz it is able to detect objects.