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AMETEK Land, the leading manufacturer of industrial infrared pyrometers, thermal imagers, and combustion/emissions monitoring instrumentation, is increasing its support for research and development in combustion engineering and technology by joining the British Flame Research Council (BFRC)

Refinery new AdobeStock 202041790The research will help to improve combustion efficiency and safety. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The BFRC is a unique network of companies, research organisations and universities which have a common interest in industrial combustion engineering and technology to meet the demands on industrial combustion to become more efficient and safer, with minimal impact on the environment.

AMETEK Land has long been focused on developing technologies and systems to help energy-intensive heavy industries reduce their carbon emissions. James Cross, global industry manager, HPI, said, “Joining the British Flame Research Committee is a great opportunity for us. Our technologies and solutions are well aligned with the ambitious aims of the Committee, especially regarding research around increasing the quality of combustion monitoring technology and hydrogen combustion.”

Peter Droegmeller, director of Innovation and Technology, added, “Working alongside the Committee partners, our expert understanding of the industry as well as our existing connections to research organisations and academia will help to develop the technology, processes and systems needed to improve combustion efficiency and safety.”