Adapting to new technologies and adherence to government regulations to spur residential fire safety innovation

Dolphin Fire Stop Silicone Sealant AMGThe number of residential fires in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is set to reduce significantly following the approval of a landmark resolution to have all residential homeowners to install fire detectors devices and subscribe to the civil defence e-system

Under the chairmanship of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, the government has now moved in to ensure lives and properties are protected through the adherence to tougher fire safety regulations.

This development comes in the wake of multiple fires that have engulfed scores of residential buildings resulting in loss of lives and the destruction of property and investments worth millions of dirhams.

In 2019 alone, reported residential building fires in the UAE caused 66% of the total number of building and facility fires.

These unfortunate incidences not only sent shockwaves across the real estate sector but also served as a wake-up call to property developers and the authorities of an urgent need to put in place policies that safeguard tenants and investors from fires.

Why fire safety is important

During the summer season, there is a surge of fires. These fires have led to the deaths of over six people since 2018. Apart from causing the loss of lives, these fires have also lead to thousands of job losses.

Fire safety is a necessary measure that should be taken to ensure such unnecessary losses are reduced, if not done away with altogether. Homeowners and those involved in the construction and real estate sector need to ensure that they have all the necessary fire safety devices, like the fire detectors. They also need to embrace new technologies that help protect these buildings against fires.

Homeowners also need to ensure that they follow the strict guidelines and regulations that help prevent buildings made by flammable materials. Developers should also adopt new and innovative building equipment and products that are manufactured using fire-resistant materials like concrete, glass or bricks.

These items are fire-resistant, therefore lowering the chances of these buildings catching fire.

Other measures that developers can take in ensuring fire safety in their buildings is by having fire compartments that help contain a fire once it starts. There should also be sufficient fire exits that offer easy to reach and free of obstruction paths that lead outside the building should a fire start.

Developers should also ensure that their buildings, whether old or new, are sufficiently supplied with fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers. These can include a smoke detector, fire alarm, or even sprinklers that don’t need human operation. These systems can help control the fire before it spreads.

Commitment to fire safety

Having been in the business for close to two decades, the Al-Muqarram Group has been at the forefront of providing property developer with scientific-based fire resistance building products.

Under the leadership of its managing director, Safdar Badami, the company has remained steadfast in bringing into the markets innovative products that can be effectively used to protect buildings against fires.

Al Muqarram Group has invested heavily in research and development in a bid to develop products that can help to insulate buildings and protect them against fire hazards.

Wide range of products

Some of the products that the company has introduced include the flagship Dolphin Fire-Stop Silicone Sealant. This sealant uses fire-safe chemicals. It is a single component sealant tested by Effectis Laboratory.

The lab confirmed that the sealant can withstand extreme heat for up to four hours. The sealant has effective adhesion, and it can be used on glass or glazed surfaces, metals, wood, plastic, tiles, concrete, and other building materials.

Another effective fire safety product is the Fire-Retardant PU Foam. This foam has excellent bonding strength, and it can be used on a variety of surfaces. The foam offers fire safety and insulation. It is efficient in insulating against fire hazards and is also good for soundproofing.

The company says that the B2 polyurethane foam is moisture resistant, is self-extinguishable, can be used in any kind of weather, and has 300% self-expanding property.

The foam can be used in filling open spaces in concrete slabs, roof tiles, and a wide range of insulation. It has a strong, cohesive force on many materials and is exceptional in heat preservation. Badami from the group ensures that the foam is of good quality and is efficient in different situations.

These, and many other insulating products, are what building and homeowners should be turning to when building houses. The houses, whether new or old, should be expanded to include fire safety measures to efficiently decrease the number of home fires. All homeowners should ensure they adhere to these rules for the safety of inhabitants and should implement the necessary procedures without fail.

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